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Are Brands Done with Blogs

It's become a common practice.  Companies blog.  Whether small or large, businesses churn out blog posts at an astonishing level.   The current estimate, 500 million blogs exist.  A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds.  A quarter of all websites have a blog.   So, is blogging a must for all companies? Let's take a closer look. On the podcast Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn interviews Todd Tresidder of  In this interview, Todd outlines how removing a third of his site's content tripled his traffic. He talks about how a blog - if needed - should only have the content it needs to have, and not just a running archive of content. Why? Google wants to show the best results. The top three results get ninety percent of traffic (a.k.a. keywords), and everything else gets around ten percent of traffic. So, too much content can actually harm the organic search.   I highly recommend listening to the full podcast episode. It will spark ideas and hopefully help drive a leaner blog (or not to blog) strategy in your company or entity.  The approach taken by Todd for his website is worth exploring. He doesn't blog. Instead, content is mapped strategically across key verticals and tiered by the sales journey. Have a look. And definitely listen to the podcast: 

SPI 386: The Upside-Down Content and Product Strategy with Todd Tressider Pat Flynn is a popular marketing influencer in the US. He's built his business using smart marketing tactics and has built a tribe around his flagship site Even though his approach is aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners, his work is applicable to larger companies and non-profits.


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