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Senior Marketing and Communications Specialists with 20+ Years of Experience

Hi, I'm Susan.


I help tech-focused companies create engaging written content in American English designed to increase their global visibility and reach new audiences. 


As a senior-level professional, I worked for major global brands—IBM and Texas Instruments—in Europe in media, advertising, market research and content development.


I leverage my experience in marketing and communications to champion the products, services and brands of my clients.


I understand the market dynamics of the companies I help and champion their unique brand identity into the content I create.


Quality content is essential, but that's only one piece of the puzzle; it is knowing the 'why' behind each piece of content - whether a blog post, white paper, or case study - that brings value to the reader and a return on your investment.


As a content strategist I aim to: 


  • Understand your sales cycle and where content fits within the funnel to increase your sales.


  • Analyse your key competitors to help you strengthen your position in the marketplace. 


  • Know your customers and the content they like and the stuff they don't.


  • Understand the DNA of your brand.


  • And most importantly, to partner with you and be someone you can count on for quality work.

Thought Leadership

In-depth articles on digital transformation to promote a

new course offering.


Let’s Start Working Together!

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