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Quality Content

That Matters

Go beyond the ordinary.

Create quality content that uniquely resonates

with your audience and builds brand authority. 


Hi, I'm Susan,
a Content Marketing Writer & Strategist

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, I help B2B tech-focused companies create quality written content that builds brand value and move audiences from awareness to loyal customers.


Create Quality Content Faster.

Let me do the heavy-lifting so you can get more quality content out in the world.


Don't know where to start? That's okay. I'll work with you to determine your company content needs and wishes. We'll work together to put together a well-defined project brief.


Worried about working with a new writer and getting quality work? That's normal. We all do. My Trust Guarantee lets you see my work first before signing-up to a project.

Get More Done

Ready to turn those post-it-notes of ideas into content?  Absolutely. Impress the boss and teams with a steady stream of quality content that draws website visitors and grows sales.


Tons of content isn't necessary. Quality over quantity is what readers want today. Value comes from well- thought-out content that resonates with the audience, answers their questions and builds trust.

Data & Research

Trying to find a way to turn important data and research into content? Potential customers often want facts before buying. Turning data into easily understood words and sentences and headlines that speaks to their questions is what I do best.


I see a client as a partnership first and foremost. It is by working together and ensuring the best-of-breed quality work that I am at my best. I go beyond the standard. No project is fully done until a client is 100% happy with the work.  


A sampling of technologies I write on includes supply chain, metaverse, digital twins, ML, AI, IoT, logistics, transport, energy, EV charging stations, ed tech, semiconductors, retail tech, steganography to name a few.

Trusted by

My professional experience and clients includes IBM, Texas Instruments, ChargePoint, APEX, Cosmo Tech, Nexans, Imatag, MR Agency, OpenClassrooms, Altios, CA Com, BBA, among others.


I write articles, blog posts, case studies, web pages, newsletters, ebooks, white papers, direct sales emails, press releases, biographies, brochures, executive reports, infographics, social media posts, and more. 

Collaboration & Customer Experience

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Got a few minutes?

Schedule a 15-minute discovery.

Customer Success

Extensive series of customer success stories to launch new website.


Product Launch

Adaptation of French copy into English to launch new brand and products.


Thought Leadership

In-depth articles on digital transformation to promote a

new course offering.


Need to maximise your content marketing?

Download a free guide to learn how.

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